Climate Change

Baseline Study on Climate Literacy Among Students, Youth and Policy Makers in Tamil Nadu

CAG conducted a baseline study for the Tamil Nadu Climate Change Mission, funded by the Department of Environment and Climate Change, Government of Tamil Nadu, to understand climate literacy. The findings suggest that we need to intensify our efforts to familiarise students and people with the science behind climate change.

Understanding environmental attitudes among college students in Tamil Nadu

Delving into the environmental attitudes of college students in Tamil Nadu, our study reveals that students have a fondness for nature, a commitment to conservation, but show neutrality on key issues such as eco centric concern. Additionally, we convened a workshop involving academicians, researchers, environmentalists, and journalists to revisit the existing UGC environmental studies curriculum. The outcome report and model syllabus from this workshop serves as an addendum to the main report.

Understanding carbon credits and offsets in India: An analysis of key mechanisms

This report analyses various carbon offset methods implemented in India to facilitate effective climate action. The approach involved conducting an in-depth analysis of secondary literature and interviewing field experts. It aims to inform policy making, raise awareness of genuine offset options, emphasize the irreplaceable importance of actual emission reduction, and steer clear of false solutions.

An in-depth analysis of Environment, Social and Governance disclosure by public sector power companies in Tamil Nadu.

This report analyses the environment, social, and governance disclosure practices within Tamil Nadu's power sector. It meticulously evaluates current practices, identifies gaps, and suggests strategies for improved sustainability. By aligning with industry standards and offering actionable recommendations, it seeks to bolster transparency, accountability, and pave the way for a greener, more sustainable future in the state's energy sector.

Impact Assessment Report on Climate Change Curriculum in Tamil

The Tamil version of our FOCUS textbook (Climate Change Curriculum for students in grades 6-8) has been piloted in five districts in Tamil Nadu. The findings showed the textbook has brought transformative outcomes, including heightened awareness among students, innovative teaching methods & renewed enthusiasm among educators, marking a significant advancement in climate education in the region. The impact assessment report summarises the findings from the pilot.